What is the price of the laptop and where can I buy one?

The price is approximately 7500 INR. More details could be obtained from the present vendor (myvidyut.com).

How to speed up battery charging?

Turn off the machine and charge. Ideally it takes 2 hours to complete charge from 0 to 100%.

What is the password for login screen?

For ‘student’ user the password is ‘student’. The same user has administrative(sudo) privileges. Also, for console root logins, username is 'root' and password is 'student'

Why a new user is unable to access internet?

This is an known issue. Please follow the quick fix. Open terminal in 'student' login. Copy the following string and paste it to terminal(edit groups if required):
sudo usermod -G adm,dialout,sudo,audio,video,plugdev,netdev,ssh,bluetooth,pulse,inet,net_raw "new-user" <\b>
Close the terminal, log-out and login to "new-user". Internet should work now.

When plugged-in my HDMI not detecting

HDMI might not be hot pluggable, user might have to connect the mini HDMI cable to projector/monitor and restart the FOSSEE-Laptop. The HDMI hence detected might have a thick bottom bar which can be removed by choosing alternate setting in menu -> FOSSEE-tools -> Probe HDMI.

Does HDMI to VGA converter work with FOSSEE Laptop?

Yes, treat them as HDMI cables only. Tweak them with Probe HDMI application in menu -> FOSSEE-tools -> Probe HDMI.

Why my webcam not working?

Webcam is implemented with VLC support only. It might not work out of the box with other popular GNU/Linux applications.

How to connect Bluetooth devices?

The bluetooth drivers are missing in Kernel, hence cannot be used with present version.

Why my HD video drop frames?

This is due to missing proprietary VPU drivers. A video of resolution 1024x600 or lower shall play smooth with software decoding.

I cannot install blender, it says missing EGL libraries. Please suggest?

This is due to unavailability of non-free MALI GPU drivers.

How to create wireless hotspot?

You may follow the instructions given in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFDIgC-FS9c

How to install mysql server?

Steps to install MySQL:

$ sudo apt-get install mysql-client mysql-server
(The above step will hang at packaging stage, do control+z, and kill the background installer
process by 'sudo kill %1')
$ sudo usermod -aG inet mysql
$ sudo dpkg --configure -a